Friday, April 15, 2011


                                                               8 x 8 on linen board  Sold

Desert spring

                                                            12 x 12 Oil painting
The desert has such wonderful flowers in the spring if we've had enough winter and spring rains. Sold

Friday, April 8, 2011

White wine

This is an acrylic painting, 16 x 20.  I really like to paint wine being poured, there is such movement and color variations that it is impossible to paint it the same way twice.  Sold


This is the first portrait painting I've ever attempted. The model is my granddaughter Kayla, she is so pretty it made it much easier to paint this.  It is in watercolor, a medium that I don't do a lot of work in, this was really a challenge and I'm pleased with this first effort. The class was taught by Bruce Stam and I highly recommend him as a teacher, very knowledgeable, and very, very patient.